January 25

All of the people that reblogged this here will surely but slowly be on the Simblr birthday blog.

April 26th! Next saturday!

June 23rd, I’ll be 17 :)

October 22nd đź’‹

June 10th ❤

October 7th. :-)

September 1st

January 22nd

September 3rd

June 6th!

May 14th!:)

November 15th! :D

January 3rd

July 10th! :)

december 6 :)

May 2nd

july 13th!

march 9th!

❀ about me ❀


name: emmy
birthday: mars 9th
zodiac: pisces
single or taken: very much taken
height: 168cm
eye color: grey-ish
middle name: iris
favourite color: black
lucky number: 9


hogwarts house: slytherin
favourite fictional character: hmm, sailor moon?
favourite television show: many! watching right now: game of thrones, supernatural, 2 broke girls, new girl, rupauls drag race and walking dead.
favourite season: spring
describe yourself in a few words: swedish weirdo with a big butt.
future children’s names: we’re not having kids, we’re getting cats and a dog instead. 2 sphinxes named jesus and lucifer and a boston terrier named crowley. probably. 
meaning of your name: ‘hardworking’
ultimate otp: jack/everyone? nah, jk, jack/aron i guess(if me and gf doesn’t count that is).
what do you plan to/do for a living: having our own clothing store in the future, for now working with clothes or interior design.
starbucks order: i never had starbucks before i meet my gf buut i really like that cold cookie crumble thing we had in the phillipines.


introvert or extrovert: depends on who i’m with and were.
dawn or dusk: dusk probably.
righty or lefty: righty
coffee or tea:
 teaaaaa all day every day.
rain or shine: depends on my mood but since it rains way too much here i’d say shine.
reading or writing: both?

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hecatesims asked:

Where did you get the neighborhood named Huld's lawn :)


Hi! The terrain is by Javiera, it’s Ghost town(part III) and it should be somewhere among her old files(possibly in the big ts2 folder one).


surrenderyourheart asked:

Alice is so cute!


Awww, she says thanks!

school photo? school photo?
more alice. more alice. more alice.


summerdreams-and-cinder asked:

I just finished reading your story and I've noticed you've got all this stuff on your tumblr, so I'm guessing your continuing later? Is Jack going to discover his love for girls clothes later or something? cause he looks different in the story. Just asking cause so far I was really enjoying your story and was so depressed the chapters were so short (no offense its different for everyone I guess)


Hello! Gosh, I didn’t know people still read my story so first of all, thank you for reading!

Now for the questions: yes, I am currently rewriting it more properly and developing the characters/storyline a bit more since I now realise I started publishing it way too soon(changed a lot of things and added more things that makes sense, woo!). I should have written more before doing so. That being said, I currently have no idea how big this story will be but I have kind of a childish dream of maybe in the future getting it published as a real book(a girl can dream, right?).

As for Jack fashion sense, in the new version he is actually a lot more androgynous from the start. That has a lot to do with my current aesthetic and the fact that I now, in contrast to before, have a lot better grasp of fashion and style and how it affects an individual. So there will be skirts and the occasional make up this time around!

I’m also trying to figure out all the characters sexuality and such too. I already know Jack is openly gay but I had a hard time figuring Alena out. She’s flirty and love kissing, cuddling and general body contact but have no interest in sex which I think make her asexual/panromantic? Damn, I’m getting way off track here!

Anyway, thank you for the questions! Hope I answered them somewhat for you and feel free to ask me more about my story anytime. Thank you!


bunchaax3 asked:

omfg, i can't even explain how much i love alice - she's so cute! (and i want to hug her so badly, lol). i'd be very happy to see more pictures of her ;A; x


Hi! So glad you like her! I will definitely post more of her in the future, she’s a lot of fun to photograph. And she’s quiet different from my other sims too which is refreshing. Thank you for letting me know!


nikicchi asked:

You will forever be my favorite Sims 2 creator! I literally download everything you post <3


Hi and thank you so much! I’m very happy to hear you like my stuff!


epo1312 asked:

Your Sims are seriously beautiful! epo



mrsimstwo asked:

It may sounds stupid. and maybe you answer this before, but how your pictures looks so good? do you a mod or what? Thank you.


Hi and thank you! I photoshop my pictures a lot and I also use this technique when taking pictures.


eir-sims asked:

Can you help me explain how to convert female clothes for male? I`ve been trying using simPe (changing gender-number in property set), but that looked fucked up..


Hello! Yes, just changing it in SimPE will just take a female mesh and make it work for male so that only works on some meshes. Sadly I have never gender converted anything other than hair so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. Sorry!


mrsimstwo asked:

The clothes of "Dependable" i want it :( /post/81869695356/and-heres-the-boys-tbh-only-jack-and-aron-has


Hi! Both top and bottom is by me and will be shared when I’ve finally taken some previews.

in the midst of all the trouble shooting, have an alice. in the midst of all the trouble shooting, have an alice. in the midst of all the trouble shooting, have an alice.

in the midst of all the trouble shooting, have an alice.