Aaaaand it’s done! Hope you’ll like what I managed to put together for you all!

Included in this followers gift are: 2 AF sweaters with striped collars on a maxis mesh, 6 AF tops with biker motifs on a maxis mesh, 3 AF long sleeved tops on a maxis mesh(including the Givenchy dog Alena sported awhile ago), 4 AF skirts on a Pinketamine mesh with boot texture by Wolfpak Blak, 6 AF leather shorts(texture by kotiCOUTURE) on a mesh by Jessy, 5 AM pants in tartan patterns on a Yuxi mesh, 9 AM graphic tees on a Amaryll mesh using images by me, 2 AM leather jackets with patches, 2 square clock recolours of a CuriousB mesh, 5 rugs on a Cassandre mesh and finally, 9 paintings on an OM mesh using images by Jed Henry Ukiyo-e. Phew, that’s a lot of things! And I hope at least some of the requests sent to me was covered. As usual, meshes and swatches are included and everthing is numbered. I think the maxis meshes are basegame but I’m not completley sure.

Download: AF sweaters | AF tops | AF long sleeved tops | AF skirts | AF leather shorts | AM pants | Am graphic tees | AM leather jackets | Square clocks | Rugs | Paintings

Thank you for following and enjoy! <3